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Drop the Dumb Charade

21 Apr

How to gather social media fans, who don’t
just ‘like’ your page, but actually engage with the brand


Using social media for Retail Marketing

12 Nov

My column in November issue of Retail today outlining how retail businesses can benefit from Social Media.

E-commerce in India needs to change for survival

30 Aug

Having gone gaga over India’s lucrative e-commerce story, voices have suddenly fallen silent, and media is flushed with stories and experts predicting e-commerce doomsday. Is it something that has happened too fast, destined to fade into oblivion? What has really gone wrong? Is the e-commerce story going to be the new dotcom bust?

The real problem lies in the pursuit to find an EXIT. Even before, their e-commerce venture has taken off, confident e-commerce entrepreneurs predict their exit in a short span of time. Running a digital agency, I end up meeting several such e-commerce entrepreneurs, who believe that ‘amazons’ of the world are waiting to buy them off. (more…)

No.1 Secret to make your social media strategy a success – Don’t spread yourself too thin

19 Aug

There are countless blogs, guidebooks and white papers professing sure-shot social media strategies that will turn your ubiquitous brand into a social media rockstar overnight, so why should you be wasting your time reading this one?

Well, for starters, I am not proclaiming to divulge a radically different secret formula but something very obvious we often tend to ignore when it comes to social media. In our pursuit to ‘carpet-bomb’ social media landscape, we rattle off all the possible social media platforms (FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, xyz…as an afterthought…also include the bloggers, ok) to an overwhelmed community manager. Humongous data is spilled across countless excel sheets to analyze and fine tune the target audience for a media campaign rationalizing that reach has to be accurate. The same rationale is discarded in our over-enthusiasm to go social. (more…)

How can you make another Kolaveri Di ?

10 Feb

Digital marketers sure must be wondering how they can manage ‘to do a Kolaveri’. Keen to give their brands a big push online with minimal spending and maximum buzz, they will be keen to learn their lessons from this seemingly the inane lyrics that have became a worldwide rage in no time.

Tamil film star Dhanush penned and sung Kolaveri Di, which got no less than 1.8 million views within a matter of days of its online release, becoming the most searched YouTube and also the number one trending term on Twitter in India and also remains at the time of writing this post. (more…)

What exactly do you do with 100k Facebook ‘Likes’? Know, but don’t know…

19 Dec

Facebook and Twitter are revolutionizing the landscape of customer interaction for businesses, keen to carve a niche in today’s competitive marketplace, jostling to grab sales and competing for attention of finicky customers, that too with limited marketing resources.

There is s palpable social media frenzy among brands desperate to outdo each other and grab as many ‘Likes’ to cock a snook at the competition and proclaim ‘Mera Page Strongest‘ with a tinge of pride to go with an inflated social identity! Well, this may all appear a bit weird, but the scenario denotes and reflects the power of networking platforms.  It’s high time that you revamp your traditional brand building mode by tuning into the new metrics of customer engagement to build trust and goodwill. (more…)

Your past resurfaces with timeline– to haunt you or to please you– jury’s still out!

21 Oct

From the minute we choose to be a part of Facebook, the social site lets us update small details of our lives – each and every minute of it – with succinct statuses, personal photos and videos. Though the option to ‘view older posts’ is there at the bottom of each profile page, it would only show so much. Their relevancy and context obviously changes with passage of time. Fragments of your personal life, which you proudly flaunt today, is something that you might want to keep out of the public realm.

Facebook versus Google: The rivalry gets ‘social’

14 Jul

Google has just launched its new social networking product, apparently with the aim of taking on Facebook. Ironically, on the face of it, the platform is very much similar to the latter, though the search engine giant vehemently refutes any such claim.

Google takes a dig at Facebook
This is a very interesting development. The unveiling of Google+, an online social network for what Google terms ‘real-life sharing’, adds another intriguing chapter in the prolonged battle between the two fierce rivals ostensibly to dominate the World Wide Web. Simply put it, Google is taking a clear and sharp dig at Facebook with its new social product. (more…)

Revamped Facebook pages: What’s in them for marketers ?

5 Mar

We shall need to explore the new Facebook layout to our advantage in a deft manner. There is a possibility though, that you ignore some of the changes, unless you dig deep. So, here is a ready-to-use list.

As I’ve let you all known in the earlier post, the new Pages are now again made to look like Facebook Profiles. Among the most prominent changes is the photo strip right on top of the page, just like the profile pages. If photos are not as vital to what you essentially wish to convey, just let it appear randomly, though it gets a touch distracting.

New Facebook Pages, what’s in it for you – Part 1

15 Feb

Facebook has done it again, yet another update  update towards improving the ‘Facebook’ experience.

Now that the new pages are here, businesses will obviously have to explore how to adapt and explore the new layout to their advantage. But unless you go digging deep, you may perhaps miss out on some of the enhanced features. So here’s a quick look at the changes effected by the social networking giant.