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Facebook versus Google: The rivalry gets ‘social’

14 Jul

Google has just launched its new social networking product, apparently with the aim of taking on Facebook. Ironically, on the face of it, the platform is very much similar to the latter, though the search engine giant vehemently refutes any such claim.

Google takes a dig at Facebook
This is a very interesting development. The unveiling of Google+, an online social network for what Google terms ‘real-life sharing’, adds another intriguing chapter in the prolonged battle between the two fierce rivals ostensibly to dominate the World Wide Web. Simply put it, Google is taking a clear and sharp dig at Facebook with its new social product. (more…)

Is there a future for Social TV?

13 Feb

Photo Credit : Edwart Visser

After a long, hard day at work, when you return home, crash on your couch, the first thing you naturally do is switch in the TV. For us, this has essentially been more of an individualized experience, getting immersed in the drama that gradually unfolds on the screen. Amalgamation of mass-based entertainment and high end technology is changing the whole spectrum of TV viewing. I guess, most of you will agree with this observation of mine. (more…)