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What exactly do you do with 100k Facebook ‘Likes’? Know, but don’t know…

19 Dec

Facebook and Twitter are revolutionizing the landscape of customer interaction for businesses, keen to carve a niche in today’s competitive marketplace, jostling to grab sales and competing for attention of finicky customers, that too with limited marketing resources.

There is s palpable social media frenzy among brands desperate to outdo each other and grab as many ‘Likes’ to cock a snook at the competition and proclaim ‘Mera Page Strongest‘ with a tinge of pride to go with an inflated social identity! Well, this may all appear a bit weird, but the scenario denotes and reflects the power of networking platforms.  It’s high time that you revamp your traditional brand building mode by tuning into the new metrics of customer engagement to build trust and goodwill. (more…)